About Us

Silent Flight CATERS A FULL ESPRESSO BAR, excitedly serving Presta Coffee, a local Arizona roaster AND rUBY COFFEE,  FROM WISCONSIN.  CHOOSING direct trade COFFEE eliminatES the middle man and connecTS the roaster directly to the farm.  Coffee that so many hands have helped create is brewed with the utmost care. We want the finished product to be the best it can be.

​Enter, Silent Flight Coffee.

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Have you ever hoped or experienced a time when your mind was so open that you transcended your circumstances? Do you desire a genuine connection with the people around you ...conversations that are honest and rich? At Silent Flight, we believe that when people come together over coffee, transcendence is possible in the very best way. Your wedding day will be wrapped in intimate moments.; time flies when you're having fun! Step back, have a cup of good coffee and absorb the memories.
​Such as Your first glimpse of the bride in her wedding dress. Uncle Wally dancing to Hot Line Bling. Your little brother sneaking into the punch bowl . . . . . again.

Pause, swirl your cup and drink it all in.

Coffee is what we do and we'd be stoked to do it for you.